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Getrude Matshe is the Global Curator & Founder – HerStory Circle and the DiversityConnector. She is a DEI Consultant, fashion Designer, Celebrated Author and Philanthropy Consultant, Rooney International Scholar, 3x TED Speaker.

She is an African Storyteller and poet, a serial social entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker who has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets.

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Getrude's Featured Keynote Speeches and workshops

1. “Ubuntu – I am because you are”

2. “Bridging Divides: Transformative Strategies for Racial Equity and Inclusion”

Focused on practical and transformative strategies to address racial disparities and promote inclusion in various settings.

3. “The Power of Diversity: Crafting Inclusive Cultures in Modern Workplaces”

Concentrating on the importance and benefits of cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture in contemporary work environments.

4. “Inclusion Revolution: Rethinking Equity in the 21st Century”

A forward-thinking perspective on how concepts of equity are evolving and need to be redefined to meet the needs of a modern, diverse society.

5. “Harmony in Heterogeneity: Fostering Belonging in a Diverse World”

Emphasizing the importance of creating a sense of belonging for individuals in increasingly diverse communities and organizations.

6. “Sustainable Inclusion: Integrating DEI Practices with Environmental Mindfulness”

Linking DEI initiatives with sustainability efforts, highlighting how inclusive practices can contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

7. “Echoes of Equality: Navigating the Complexities of Equity and Inclusion”

An exploration of the intricate and often challenging aspects of achieving equity and inclusion in various societal and organizational structures.

8. “Crossroads of Identity: Navigating Intersectionality for Inclusive Futures”

Addresses how to navigate the multiple dimensions of identity that intersect in individuals, impacting their experiences and perspectives.

9. “Bridge Builders: Cultivating Effective Allyship in a Divided World”

Concentrates on strategies for developing effective allyship, particularly in environments where division and exclusion are prevalent.

10. “The Weave of Mutuality: Strengthening Bonds in Diverse Communities”

  • Emphasizes the concept of mutuality and interconnectedness in building strong, inclusive communities.

Books by Getrude

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A Practical Guide To Overcome Challenges

Getrude Matshe - Herstory THE VISION

Born On The Continent

Getrude Matshe is a powerhouse speaker taking her audience on a wonderful journey through her signature system, HerStory Circle. Getrude trains aspiring TEDX speakers by raising their profile and successfully preparing their story for the stage. 
~ Tracy Tully, Author

"Be prepared to lose yourself in a story, so inspiring, so sad - yet at times so hilarious, and so completely refreshing. Getrude has the unique gift of universal connection. She is the real thing - not some lukewarm nice speaker who gives you an 8 out of 10. She will rock you beyond your boundaries and open you up to what is really possible if you choose the brand of courage she wields. Settle in for the ride!" 
~ Peter Barr-Thomson, MCC, 2009 ICF

“When it comes to giving, Getrude is an excellent role model and is into a good cause. I think that anyone who gives has an opportunity to give and support her cause”. 
~ Bob Proctor – The Secret

"Every now and then in our lives, we come across a person who is inspirational, who shines above others and leads the way, who captures our hearts and our minds - Getrude is one of those people." 
~ Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast

“Getrude is an amazing woman, she is just a light bulb for good in the world. She has absolute and total integrity and she is a woman of deep profound spiritual essence.” ~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author Chicken Soup of the Soul

“It is my joy to support Getrude and the entire Agape International Spiritual Community love and support the tremendous work she is doing in Africa to uplift humankind. Her cause is calling us all to embrace the children affected by Aids, and calls on us to step up and be the best that we can possibly be.” 
~ Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith, The Secret, 
Agape International Spiritual Center

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Jan 7, 2021 – Tim Walter

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